english6 Miss Isabel
Colegio Villa Maria - La Planicie English 6th grade teacher
Welcome to my Sixth Grade students!  We  are  starting a new school year after almost a three month vacation. I hope you enjoy this grade and specially your English classes.
April 8, 2000 It is almost a month since we started classes. You have already dy had  two tests: a diagnosis test and a test of pronouns, sentences and phrases and of simple and compound tenses. We have studied Unit 1 from the book (Focus on Grammar)
This unit is about the present progressive or continuous tense. We have learned how to form it and when  we use it. Wel have a test next Wednesday and wel know then how well you are doing. Immediately after that will continue with the next Unit, which is about the simple present tense. How are yourPower Point Presentations? Don't forget the Due Date: April 28.
Study hard and keep up with your hard work!
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