english7 Mrs. D
Hampton High School Speech Comm./Lang. Arts/Spanish
Week of November 15-19
Monday - DGE practice, go over spelling list, DGE Paragraph #12 Due, Group work with opinion statement and reasons.  Assignment: Write the persuasive paragraph for Tuesday.

Tuesday - DGE practice, Persuasive paragraph is due, Discuss P. 174-177 Assignment: none

Wednesday - DGE practice, Assignment: P. 175 A #7-11, and P 178 #1-40, Read all directions carefully

Thursday - DGE practice, Spelling practice, Check assignment, return paragraphs and discuss revising and editing suggestions. Assignment: Final draft of persuasive paragraph, spelling test, read Pgs. 180-181

Friday - Spelling test, DGE practice, Persuasive paragraph is due, Discuss Pgs. 180-181.  Assignment:  P. 182 A & B (10 min.), DGE paragraph 13

Parents:  10 minutes means that I give them 10 minutes in class, and whatever they can finish during that time is all they must do of that part of the homework.
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