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Week of November 15
Monday - DGE paragraph 12 is due. DGE Practice, Spelling list, Check review. Assignment: Do Unit 3 pretest. 

Tuesday - DGE Practice, Check assignment. Discuss weak areas.  Assignment: Unit 3 test

Wednesday - DGE practice, Unit 3 Test  Assignment: Read the questions on the handout. Then read Pgs. 144-148 and write your answers for the worksheet questions on separate paper.

Thursday - DGE practice, Spelling practice, Discuss story on 144-148. Assignment:  Read P. 150 an idea for an event to tell the class.

Friday - Spelling test, DGE practice, Discuss P. 150, Web for details of personal anecdote.  Assignment:  Prepare outline for personal anecdote.  Monday will be a practice in class day.

This page only got 4 hits last week.  If I don't get more, I will discontinue typing it each week.

Try out the quizes in preparation for the test.
My Quia activities and quizzes
Linking Verbs vs. Action Verbs
Direct Objects
Indirect Objects
Predicate Nominatives and Adjectives
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