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Findlay High School Career/College Tech English

     Now that you are in high school, you will no longer have separate English and reading classes.  Your English class combines those two activities.  So, we have lots to do in only one period per day.
     Our curriculum is based on teaching skills and attitudes.  Four attitudes are stressed: RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY, INTEGRITY, AND TOLERANCE.
     Our curriculum is also based on the assumption that most of you will go on to further education after high school, whether you enter an apprentice program, go to Owens for skills certification, or go to a four-year college or university.
     In the past, if you did not go on to college, your options for a career that was profitable and interesting were limited.  Today, many graduates of two year programs or technical schools are making more money than graduates from four year colleges AND they're doing something they like to do.
     Your job this year is to learn all you can and start making decisions about your future. We will discuss job requirements and effective communication.  We will also read literature with themes that correspond to the attitudes of respect, responsibility, integrity and tolerance.
     In the following weeks, I'll post assignments, games, and interesting links.  Welcome to my class!

                                       Ms. Higgs

     Some of you may have travelled over summer vacation.  Many of you have taken trips.  What other kinds of journeys are there?  You can imagine travels to other places and other times.  Sometimes LIFE is referred to as a journey. Sometimes STAGES OF LIFE are referred to as journeys.  You have just completed middle school.  That's the end of a journey just as your high school career is the beginning of a new journey.  Starting on a trip can be exciting but it can also be a little scary.  Unknown experiences await you and you wonder how you will handle them.  Roadblocks such as difficult courses, unhealthy peer pressure, financial hardships may stand in your way.  But you will also encounter friendly, helpful guides along the way. 
     During the first quarter we are going to talk about trips, journeys, adventures.  We will look at fictional journeys, but we will also discuss real people and their journeys.  YOU will be asked to remember past journeys and predict what paths you will follow in the future.
     If you allow yourself to travel along with the class, you will learn much about others and about yourself.
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