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Joseph Lane Middle School English Report
This is my page for English. On this page, I will have various info on snowboarding, technique, and famous boarders, along with links to mountains, board web pages, etc...

I read three different snowboard books, they're called:
   The Complete Snowboarder
    by Jeff Bennett and Scott Downey
     with tips from the pros
      128 pages covering freeride, freestyle, and alpine
       Published by Ragged Mountain Press in 1994

   Snowboarding Know-How
    by Christof Weiss
     128 pages covering freeride, freestyle, and alpine
      Published by Sterling Publishing Company in 1993

   Big-Air Snowboarding
    by Anne T. McKenna
     128 pages covering freeride, freestyle, and alpine
      Published by Capstone Press in 1999

I chose these books because ever since I was seven, I was interested in snowboarding, that is, after I got bored of backcountry skiing. My dad pretty much drilled winter sports into me, so I finally collasped, but I've never regretted it.

The following facts I have learned from the three books I have read:
1.    How to stop
2.    How to perform the falling leaf (it gets you ready for carving
3.    What type of board I should get
4.    What type of bindings I should get
5.    How to land on my board
6.    How to ollie
7.    How to perform grab tricks
8.    How to perform spins
9.    How to go in and out of a halfpipe
10.   How to carve (very well, i might add)

These books are set apart from other books because they are, for one, newer than most of the compition. In other words they have updated teaching methods as well as more information. For another, they have more info. on all the products out in today's market that wasn't out 10 years ago.

I would definantly recommend this book to any snowboard; advanced, novice, or even pro (who knows, maybe even a skiier). These books are the best (most updated) that I could find, and I looked everywhere.

Thanks for looking at my site, please e-mail me if you want me to add anything.
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