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Mugshot #5

1.  She closed the book and looked at the clock she had finished reading The Elder Brothers at exactly 1204 pm

2.  Hey Elena said Steven Baron Sr. as we unpacked did you forget the grapes.  You forgot the T shirt, to?  Oh brother!

3.  The lungfish an unusual animal has both lungs and gills therefore it can breath eather underwater or on land.

4.  It was Jerry Garcia and Robert Hunter who wrote the song Here Comes Sunshine but it was my friends and I who heard it preformed on July 2 1995.

5.  Holistic medicine which includes treatments such as acupuncture and aromatherapy focuses on treating the whole person--body and mind--rather then just the effected part.

Spelling List #5

bulletin, calendar, category, changeable, characteristic, chemistry, circumstance, civilization, cocoon, commencement


FRI - 10/12 - Vocabulary Homework #5, Compound Sentences Exercises, Vocab/Spell Quiz #5, Mugshot Quiz #5

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