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Welcome to Miss O'Connor's English II Home Page!  On this page, the wonderful English II students of Lindbergh High School can view homework assignments, take practice quizzes and become aware of other points of interest to help them succeed in English II!

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail Miss O'Connor by means of the link in the upper right hand corner.

Special Note:

Congratulations to John Lohman, the only English II student to get a perfect score on the "Elements of a Novel quiz."  Good job!

Kudos to those who scored 19 and 18 out of 20 correct also!
James Lucchesi, Ginny Ana McDaniel, Diamond Gordon, Jon Jones, Lauren Boehm, Liz Hertel, Kelly Lash, Robbie Skelton and Jovon Stewart.  Good job!

Great, great job to those English II students who did the extra credit work on THE INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION in reference to its effect on the development of the novel.
Danielle Weber, Shantay Harris, Admir Brkic, Syla Zukanovic and Jon Jones.  Verrrry nice initiative!

Monday:  Read chapter three by means of group summaries.
         The responsibility lies upon you guys to inform!
         (Later note:  This went great!  Great work
Tuesday:  A note card quiz will cover chapter three/four.
          We will be watching the TREE SCENE and making
          notes along the way.
          (Later note:  Very insightful comments were made
           during our video discussions.  I love the way
           you guys are thinking beyond the literal and
           getting into the characters' heads!  Remember
           our point about Knowles and why he allowed Finny
           to break the school record as a part of the
           plot.  *Important*) 
Wednesday: A note card quiz will cover chapter four.
           We will also evaluate the TREE SCENE, acting
           as jurors in the case of GENE FORRESTER VS.
Thursday:  THE ANDREWS SISTERS will visit our class
           (via our CD player) and we will brainstorm
           ideas inspired by their song "Well All Right."
           (Later note:  Great ideas on this guys!  Some
            great connections were made that I haven't
            heard before!  These ideas will form three body
          paragraphs for an essay so HOLD ON TO YOUR WORK) 
Friday:    A Separate Peace chapters 1-4 quiz.
           (Take the on-line quiz and review ?'s used
            during the week for note card quizzes)
           We will further develop our ideas generated in
           comparing the song "Well All Right" to our novel
           and the 1940s time period.

Monday:  Chapter 5 will be covered.
Tuesday:  A note card quiz will cover chapter five.
          Chapter 6 will be covered.
Wednesday:  A note card quiz will cover chapter six.
            Quotes day!  Find 10 quotes from chapters 1-6
            that look important and then take Ms. O'C's
            quotes quiz and see if you can identify the
            speakers of each quote that SHE chose from
            chapters 1-6.
Thursday:  Character quiz/class page.
           Read chapter 7.
Friday:    Note card quiz
           Make a character web.
           Discuss chapter 7.
           Read chapter 8.
Monday:    Character quiz.
           Discuss chapter 8.          
           Read chapter 9.

Remember to use time wisely.  Time management is a skill that is developed.  Use your 50 minutes in class to your advantage.  Focus yourself INSIDE of class so that you have more time for other things OUTSIDE of class :-)

If you fall behind in reading or if you have been absent, please talk to Ms. O'C so that she can help you to catch up! Great job everyone!  Our English II classes are just great!  Thank you all for your enthusiasm and cooperation in making it enjoyable!
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