engliterature Ms. Richardson
Frederick Douglass High School English Literature Instructor
Ms.Richardson Welcomes the Class of 2000 to the Wonderful World of English Literature and Composition(309230)

Please remember to study vocabulary terms daily!!!

The following novels will be read by all students:
Native Son, Richard Wright ........ 11/22/99
Macbeth, William Shakespeare ...... 1/4/00
Antigone, Sophocles ............... TBA

Notebooks for English Literature and Composition must include the following:
-Daily objectives
-Vocabulary terms
-Class notes
-Answers to study questions
-Graded papers

-Take all vocabulary exams
-Take all novel exams
-Read all required information and take notes on the same
-Complete all preliminary steps of the research paper to be  submitted in final draft form the second semester.
-Make up missed assignments on the Wednesday following an   excused absence in room 211 from 4:00-5:00p.m.
-Complete all writing assignments
-Take all check tests
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