engninetwelve Ms. J or Ms. Jacqueline
Windsor High School  
Dear ninth graders,

1.  Weekly you must study ten words from your vocabulary
   book.  The first night you do lessons one to four and
   the second night you write a sentence with each word.

2.  Daily you must read some pages from the novel that
   we are studying.  At this time we are studying Lord of
   the Flies.

3.  At the end of the book we will be writing a five
   paragraph paper.

4.  Weekly quizes are given on the vocab words and the
   notes you take in class on the text we are reading.

Dear twelfth graders:

l.  We have read four memory pieces and listened to two.

2.  We have written seven entries in our journals.

3.  We have discussed the assignment which will be to write a memory piece.

4.  We will be going to the library and to the computer room withing the next two weeks.  We will also view a taped interview.
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