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LB Johnson  
I. The Scientific Revolution
    A. The Roots of Modern Science
    B. A Revolutionary Model of the Universe
    C. The Scientific Method
    D. Newton Explains the Law of Gravity
    E. The Scientifc Revolution Spreads

II. The Enlightenment in Europe
    A. Two Views on Government
    B. The Philosophes Advocate Reason
    C. Women and the Enlighenment
    D. Impact of the Enlightenment

III. The Spread of Enlightenment Ideas
    A. A World of Ideas
    B. Art and Literature in the  Age of Reasons
    C. Enlightenment and Monarchy

IV. American Revolution: The Birth of a Republic
    A. Britain and its American Colonies
    B. Americans Win Independence
    C. Americans Create A Republic

Between the 16th and the 18th centuries, a series of revolutions helped usher in the modern era in westen history.  First was a revolution in understanding , called the Scientific Revolution.  Second was a revolution of ideas, the Enlightenment.  Third was a revolution of actions-the American Revolution.  The scientific Revolution began when some astronomers questioned the old understanding of how the universe operates- one that was deeply tied to people's religious beliefs.  By shattering this view, the astronomers opened a new universe of scientific discovery.  And like their counterparts in science, the political thinkers of the Enlightenment challeneged established ideas aobut power and authority.  A ruler does not own authority by divine right, the thinkers said.  Rather, a ruler recieves authority by consent of the people.  Such ideasled to the political upheaval of the American Revolution.
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The Spread of Enlightenment Ideas
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The Enlightenment in Europe
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The Spread of Enlightenment Ideas
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The Scientific Revolution
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