eol14 Mr. Doherty
San Ignacio de Recalde Language Arts Teacher
Here are some activities to help you with the fourth collection in your anthology "ALL CREATURES GREAT AND SMALL". This is the last collection we will do in the First Year of High School.

Below are the dates we need to work to in order to finish the collection. It will be your responsibility as a student to enter this website as often as possible in order to find out dates and when assignments are due.

Your assignment on cats following the reading of the poems is to research one of the following and present it in a way that is both visually attractive and educationa.l.
1. Research and show different breeds of cats and where they orginate from in a world map.
2. Research and show how pet cats are related to wild cats such as cougars and lynx.
3. Research and show what the special role of cats was in  ancient Egypt.
Work is to handed in by 17/11/99
My Quia activities and quizzes
Ode to Mi Gato.
"Ode to Mi Gato"
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