Linkedup Award Project - Introduction to Urdu by pupils

This introduction to Urdu language and culture should be delivered over a period of 3 sessions.

There are 3 pupils' developed lesson plans which give you access to information on the aims, the activities to lead the sessions.

To access each lesson plan, click on:

* The Sutherland Pupils Lesson Plan 1
* The Sutherland Pupils Lesson Plan 2 (Part 1)
* The Sutherland Pupils Lesson Plan 3 (Part2)

Below you will find:
resources to support the delivery of the sessions which are listed as PowerPoint presentation,  interactive activities for further practise, downloadable documents and links to interesting websites to use in the classroom.

To access the PowerPoint presentation, click on:

* Presentation 1

Links to individual websites are listed at the end of the 'useful links' section
My Quia activities and quizzes
Key phrases in Urdu
Useful links
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