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Welcome everyone, to Eric's one and only rap and hip hop game and link site.  I have nothing terribly great to offer in here, but enjoy what you see and hear.

In today's culture, rap and hip hop are widespread throughout the United States, as well as the world.  The difference between rap and hip hop is as simple as this.  Rap is a form of poetic story telling.  Rap songs usually have profanity and obscene language contents, with dense and heavy beats for the music.  Hip hop is the life that is lived.  Hip hop culture includes graffiti art, dancing,, talking, the way you dress. Hip hop and rap are commonly linked, because both express black culture.

The hip hop/rap culture is often criticized.  Graffiti often gets sprayed on houses, walls, vans, and windows.  People often blast hip hop/rap in their car while they drive, which can disturb old people or families.  The lyrics of the music have profane language.  Most rap artists, however, believe it is just the start of a new trend. One anonymous rapper stated "Adults in the 60's and 70's hated the Beatles and Elvis because of their influences on society. Today, they are stars, and loved by a lot of people.  I think rap is just on the same path."  In a way, this statement is  true, but The Beatles didn't really cuss too much in their songs.

Hip hop parties are another big thing. People dance to rap, while D.J.s keep it alive.  Basketball and cookouts are other big things at these events.  Hip hop parties are basically laid back, and people catch up on talk and have a good time.
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