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Here are some of the pieces that I have written:

October 24, 2001 Erica Sailor
Mrs. Blackburn Enrichment


"This is going to be the most boring trip ever!" shouted Kira. "Why do we have to go to Colorado anyway?" If you couldn't see, Kira isn't excited about her family trip.                           "Well, Honey, we are going to visit your fathers cousin," her mom stated trying not to laugh. Meanwhile Kira's dad was planning a vacation Kira and her sister, Laura, would never forget.
"This is going to be so boring," repeated Kira.
            Kira and her family where finally on there way to Colorado where adventure awaited. As the plane landed, there was no sight of their uncle. Kira wondered why he wasn't there to greet them. The family set off to a Holiday Inn while the parents tried to steer away from the topic of the uncle. When they arrived, several strange people where waiting for them.
"Hello, are you here for the dig?" said one with a hairy brown beard.
"Yea, we're the Petersons," said Kira's dad. The guy led them to their hotel room. As the night pasted by Kira kept having questions about the trip, but everybody kept changing the topic of the conversation. When Kira awoke, Mr. and Mrs. Peterson rushed her to get ready. In all the confusion, Kira had difficulty getting ready for her mysterious day. The Petersons ate breakfast in the hotel's restaurant. When the delicious meal was finished they rushed outside to find two big blue vans, the three strange people, and three other families. The families were split up into two groups, one for the kids, and the other for the adults. The kids went in a van that was being driven by a lady named Jo. They went on a long drive until they got to a museum.
"Great, a boring trip to the museum, how exciting!" Kira thought to herself sarcastically.
While heading to the front door, the three people who met them made a sharp right turn, heading to a door that said PRIVATE on it. Kira was thinking that this was just a big joke until they walked through the door. When they entered Kira saw some amazing things. There where dinosaur fossils everywhere! Then the guy with the hairy brown beard stood up to get everyone's attention.
"I am glad to invite you to Colorado's Museum of Dinosaurs! This is the place where the fossils are plastered and cleaned to get all the excess dirt removed."
As the grouped wondered around, they saw all different types of dinosaur fossils. After seeing things like the skull of a T-Rex to a plate of a Stegosaurus, the group was asked to sit down.
" Everybody, put on the goggles in front of you. Good, now, we are going to place a fossil in front of you. What I want you to do when you have one is first lightly brush it off like this." As the big guy with the beard went on and on he demonstrated what to do. Then finally it was Kira's turn. She was so excited; this trip was getting better every minute!
After everyone was done they were allowed to roam the museum. This wasn't as exciting as the fossils, but it was still pretty neat. When it was time to leave everyone got into the big vans and they were off again. The next stop was at this weird looking (smelling to) place. Inside it was a little foggy, and then this weird guy came out.
"Oh, hi Jim, (Kira figured Jim was the guy with the beard). So does anyone want to get busy?"
The weird guy brought them to a big table. He left for a few minutes and came back caring huge white things. He put them on the table and looked up.
"Ok, everybody I want you to come over here and pick a plaster cast." Kira wailed over and picked a Utah Raptors claw (it was labeled). As the guy started giving them instructions, Kira was starting to wonder what in the world they were going to do next. This trip was actually starting to get more exciting than Kira had ever dreamed.
When they had finished pouring the goo into the cast, they were out the door and off again.
"I wonder where we're going next?" Kira pondered. Yet, unfortunately, they went right back to the hotel. Kira slumped up the stairs sad that the day had ended.
The next day Kira woke to see the cast she made sitting beside her bed. Wondering how it got there Kira went downstairs to the restaurant where her family was waiting for her.
"About time you got here, sleepy head. Eat some breakfast and then we have to go." After breakfast they were in the vans and off on another adventure. They set off to what used to be a river over billions of years ago. There were rocks everywhere.
They got out of the vans and set off to the top of the rocks for they had driven through the river. Jim passed out hammers and chisels. He started to break some of the rocks and everyone followed. As Kira broke the rocks she found little fossilized bugs and plants inside the rocks.
"This is so cool!" shouted Kira. She had broken a rock containing a huge bug. Jim came over and he said that he had never seen a bug like this. He took the rock from Kira and put it in a van, which took it to the museum. Kira was a little upset, but she felt better when she found out that they would be taking home the rest.
The hours rolled by as they worked until it was around lunchtime. They got in the vans and set off to another old river. When they got there Kira saw a guy that she had seen before laying out lunch. Kira took some things and thought that they were disgusting. She didn't say anything because Jo came over and took the kids off to an area with ropes around it. She told them that they would be looking for little plaster claws this sounded like fun to Kira. They dug up all of the plaster casts and went for a hike. Jo took them to places where dinosaur bones were just laying around. It was a long but fun hike.
At the end they went down the mountain to find their parents. Kira's jaw fell wide open. They were digging real dinosaur bones and CBS was there filming it. Jo told the kids to go help their parents.
"We're going to be on TV!" Kira whispered excitingly to her parents.
"Yeap, and we know the date so we can tape it."
"Let me look at that." They could hear Jim off in the distance. "Wow, I have never seen this before. It is definitely a vertebrae, but of what?" The girl standing next to him started to get excited. It ended up going to the museum like everything else (and Kira's bug). When everything was over they went back to the hotel.
"Well I can't wait to get on the plane tomorrow" stated Kira's dad when they where in their room.
"What do you mean? We can't leave! We just got here!" Kira was very angry.
"But honey are reservation is done tomorrow we have to go"
"Ugh!" Kira stormed into the bathroom. The next day they said goodbye to everyone and set off to the airport. They got on the plane and were off.
"Wait are we in Pennsylvania already?"
"Then why have we landed?"
Nobody answered. Kira was very confused. They got out of the plane and rented a car. They got to another hotel, checked in, and went to bed. When they woke up in the morning they put on their bathing suits and, went downstairs, had breakfast, and were off. They drove beside a river till they got to the end. They got out and went towards the dock. There were rafts at the dock!
"Cool!" Was all Kira could say. They got in the rafts with this lady and went river rafting. They weren't big waves to Kira's delight. Half way down the river they stopped for some lunch. Kira decided to cool her feet and when she looked into the water she saw something that amazed her.
"Gold!" Right away everyone came rushing over. As they looked into the water they could see little flakes of gold sparkling back at them. They gathered as much as they could and went back in the raft. When they neared the end Kira saw a photographer up ahead. She went towards the front of the raft, but it was to late. Right when she was in the front they went down a miniature waterfall. Kira was soaking wet, and very upset.
The next day the Petersons went back to the airport and into a plane. Kira was upset that the adventure was over. About a half hour after they got onto the plane they where in Denver. Except a tornado was also at the tornado. Kira saw a plane take off so she new the tornado was going to end soon.
"We're all going to die!" screamed her sister as they landed. When they got inside Kira found out that the plane they saw was the plane they where supposed to be on. The quickest flight now was to go to L.A. and then to PA. So that's what they did.


Well when they got back things didn't go to well. They did see Jo and Jim at a paleontologist convention that they were invited to. As for CBS, well. . .
Princess Diana passed away the day before it aired so only England saw it. The gold Mrs. Peterson lost. So all Kira has from the trip are a few fossils, pictures and tons of memories.

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