ericj Eric Blake Johnson
       My hero: Daniel Boone

My hero is Daniel Boone because I used to live in the Daniel Boone national forest. The Daniel Boone National Forest is a national park . It was founded by Daniel Boone. The Daniel Boone National forest spreads throughout southern Kentucky and a little bit of Tennessee.
Daniel Boone was a great American explorer. Daniel was born on November 2, 1734 in Pennsylvania. He didn’t  go to school but he had a good education.  His dad taught him to hunt shoot a gun and other essentials in life. His grandfather came from England to America in 1717. His father was a weaver and blacksmith. When he was fifteen, the family moved to the Yadkin Valley in North Carolina. At nineteen or twenty he left his family home with a military expedition in the French and Indian
War. He met John Finley, a hunter who had seen some of the western wilds who told him stories
that sent him dreaming. In 1767 Daniel traveled into Kentucky and camped for the winter at Salt Spring near Prestonsburg. But the least explored parts were still farther west, by the Cumberlands and John Finley persuaded him to go on a great adventure. On May 1, 1769, Boone, Finley, and four men, started out. They passed Cumberland Gap and on the 7th of June, they set up camp at Station Camp creek. It was nearly two years before Boone returned home, and during that time he explored Kentucky as far west as the Falls of the Ohio, where Louisville is now. There was another visit to Kentucky in 1773, and in 1774 he built a cabin at Harrodsburg. On this trip, Boone followed the Kentucky River to its mouth.
Daniel Boone’s heroic qualities are that he is the founder of where I was born. He was a great American explorer. He was loyal to people and he is very smart. People say he was really nice to the old ladies that he knew. Some people even say he was the nicest person in the towns that he visited.
This is why I chose Daniel Boone as my hero. I’v read the Daniel Boone book several times. I just think that Daniel Boone is a good hero to me because he founded where I’m from. I enjoyed studying about Daniel Boone and want to do it again. In Kentucky where I’m from there is a fort that you can visit called fort Boonesburrow the reason it is named that is because it was Boons  burrow.
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