Scorpian Team, Marana Middle School Language Arts Instructor
Here is the schedule for this week (2/26-3/2):

Monday:  Suffix Quiz and Suffix Packet due
Tuesday:  Creating Words- First, use the roots, prefixes, and suffixes we've been studying to create 10 words (3 using roots, 3 using prefixes, and 3 using suffixes, +1 of your choice).  For example, I created the words phonofish, anticabinet, and shelvish.  Next, define the words, and choose five to draw pictures of and five to write sentences for. 
Wednesday:  Preparing for, and beginning to take Reading DAPs
Thursday: Taking DAPs
Friday: TBA

I would like to catch everyone up as to what's happening in my class.  From Feruary 5th through February 9th the students were responsible for defining, drawing pictures of, and being quized on ten different vocabulary words and their prefixes.  They recieved a colored piece of paper in class with the words as well as the instructions. 

From February 12-16 I had a substitute and the students were given a different worksheet each day Monday -Thursday (Friday was to make sure all their work was completed).  The worksheets ranged anywhere from idioms to new vocabulary words.  Students will not be tested on the information from this week. 

This week, Feb. 19-21, we have two days of class plus career day.  Here are important upcoming due dates:

February 26th--> 1) Use suffixes to complete #4-6 on the colored, half sheets of paper.  If you did not recieve a colored, half sheet of paper let me know so I can supply you with one. 
2) There is a Suffix quiz on this day as well.  I tell you the word, you tell me the meaning and give an example. (Yes, its slightly different than last time.)

!Note:  7th period's suffix papers are due February 20th by the end of class. 

Week of March 12-16

Last week we started to write short Reaearch Papers.  We have transformed each class period into its own country and the topics the students choose shape what kind of country the class is.  For example, one student may choose that our country is ruled by a monarchy.  That student would then do a research paper on existing monarchies.  The guidlines for resources are as follows:
-  2 books*
-  3 internet sites
* One of the books may be exchanged for the resource of using a pamphlet, lecture, interview, video, or any other quotable resource besides the internet. 

Here are a few important Due Dates:
Pre-Bibliography (recieved in class): 3/14
Graphic Organizer:  3/15
Rough Draft:  3/20
Revision: 3/23
Final Copy: 3/28

I will re-post these dates if they change. 

This week we will spend Monday and Tuesday in the library researching. 
On Wednesday, in addition to working our papers, we will begin reviewing a Vocabulary List the students recieved last week.  There will be a quiz on the vocabulary lists's roots on Thurdsay (3/15). 


A New Quarter
Week of 3/19-3/23

Monday:  We proofead a rough draft to practice for tomorrow. 

Tuesday:  ROUGH DRAFTS ARE DUE at the BEGINNING of the period.  Proofreading will follow, so students can get started on their final copies.
        **Reminder:  Final copies are due 3/28**

Wednesday:  We will review how to format a cover page and a bibliography as well as how to format the paper.   

Thursday:  We will talk about the visual aspect of the project--which will be due 3/30, or the Friday after the paper is due. 

Friday:  We have even shorter periods on account of seeing the 8th grade production of Fiddler on the Roof, so we will do a follow-up, in-calss writing.

This is a reminder that this website is now available through the maranausd website, if you go to Marana Middle School, Teams, and then click on my name. 
Wow, has a whole month gone by?  Well, its never too late to update.

April 23th-April 27th
We created commercials and performed them in class.  If your child was on the Washington D.C. trip, please check in with your child to see that they have completed theirs. 

April 30th-May 7th
We reviewed storyline and plot summary while making puppet shows based on children's literature.

May 8th-May 10th
We took DAPs and finished presenting puppet shows. 

DUE FRIDAY:  Parent-Signed grade report.  These were passed out Monday-Wednesday.  If a student is missing work, it needs to be stapled to the grade report in order to recieve credit. 



MAY 10th:  All library books need to've been returned to the library. 
MAY 18th:  All of Miss Muller's Write Source 2000 books need to've been returned. 

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