ervinclasses Mrs. Ervin
Jefferson County High School
Welcome back!  I'm delighted to have you in my classes.  I hope we both have a successful school year.
My Quia activities and quizzes
Quiz on the scientific method.
Scientific Method quiz
quiz on motion
Motion quiz
Scientific method jumble
Scientific Method jumble
Scientific Method Hangman Game
Scientific Method hangman
Force quiz
energy quiz
Waves, Sound, and Light
Nine Weeks' Exam--Physics concepts
review of physics concepts
Electromagnetic spectrum
The electromagnetic spectrum is listed from highest energy to lowest energy.
States of Matter
The states of matter are listed from lowest temperature to highest temperature.
Metric Prefixes
Metric prefixes are put in order from smallest to largest.
Elements on the Periodic Table
The first eighteen elements are put in order by their atomic number.
Elements Jumble
The names of the first twenty elements on the periodic table are jumbled.
Chemistry Basics
old nine weeks' exam
Useful links
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