esc12technology Debra
Region 12 Education Service Center Lead Technology Specialist, Region 12 ESC

Technology Training
Internet for Educators
Summer, 2000

McGregor ISD

  • What is your I.Q. (Internet Quotient)?
  • "Ten Stages of Working the Web for Education"
  • "7 Steps to Better Searching"
  • "Learning to Walk in Cyberspace"
  • Adding sites to your Favorites List
  • Scavenger Hunts and Various Student Resources
  • Teacher Resources including Lesson Plans, FREE software, various websites and projects and activities to do with your students
  • State Resources
  • Time to Play!!
  • Activities for your classroom
My Quia activities and quizzes
What is your I.Q.?
What is your I.Q. (Internet Quotient)?
Internet Terms
Do you know your Internet Terms?
Internet Terms
Can you decipher these Internet terms?
AppleWorks 6.0 Presentation
How well did you understand AppleWorks 6.0 Presentation?
AppleWorks 6.0 Presentation: session appleworks
AppleWorks 6.0 Presentation Quiz Session
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