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North shore |Community College ESL Instructor
Hello class:

This week's exam will be over the internet.  As soon as you have completed the exam,  I will show you a few vocabulary games.  Good luck on the exam.

Homework for the long weekend

You should have read most of the chapters of your library books(remember that you have to return the books by
November 15,2000)

Make sure you finish all of the exercises in chapter 3 of your grammar books, there will be an exam on the perfect tenses next week.

Complete exercise 2 and 3 in "At a Glance paragrahs" pages 12-13.  We will review these on Monday.

Study chapter 1 and 2 in "At a glance Sentences".  There will be an exam on subjects and verbs on Friday of next week.

Have a happy Veterans Day

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Franklin's Vocabulary Exam #1
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