L5 Trimester 2 in 2008
Brewster Academy ESL teacher
Use this page to prepare for the exam Thursday February 28th.

You need to review the following:

Module 2 - Values

1. Vocabulary - use your quiz copies and/or the links below to study and practice.

2. Questions - gather all your homework, presentations and quizzes

A. Immigration history - this is in the form of charts (one about nationalities and one about dates)
B. Communities in the US (Washington DC and Bowling Green, KY)
C. Values - reading and quizzes about you know what (hint: there are 3, and they are in pairs)

3. Essay - review your errors (your baseline from October and your current work); practice to meet the 30 minute limit WE WILL HAVE AN ESSAY PRACTICE ON MONDAY


On the test you will be:

A. Answering questions about the news industry including newspapers, radio and TV. Use your quiz copies and/or the links below to study and practice.

The questions about the radio and newspapers will be fill-in questions - you need to remember the answers.

!!!You also need to bring examples for radio stations (name a commercial and a public one), newspapers (broadsheet and tabloid), parts of the newspaper (columns) and a wire service.
Materials: Use your quizzes and homework.

B. Writing about current events. How can you prepare? Review your homework pieces - reading the newspaper, listening to the radio, watching abcnews.
This weekend, watch the media. You will have to write a paragraph about a current issue. Your answer will be graded based the details you include and your grammar. You will have a choice of 2 or 3 topics. Possible events you will have to choose from: War in Iraq, Elections, Financial issues in the US, Football, Oil prices, Africa etc
My Quia activities and quizzes
L5M1 Values 1 Vocabulary practice - (copy)
Vocabulary review, based on your reading
L5M1 Values 2 - (copy)
Vocabulary review, based on your reading
L5M4 Newspaper vocabulary - Media Module - (copy)
Newspaper vocab review
L5M4 Radio - (copy)
Radio vocab review
L5M2 Values review
L5 Trimester One Practice
Useful links
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