ESL 4 Nancy Novak
Clark College ESL Instructor

This is the ESL L4 web page.
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You can practice English grammar, vocabulary, reading & listening here:

1. Scroll down to My Quia activities and quizzes. Click on different links, practice your English!

2. Then scroll down to Useful links. Try different links - more English practice!

Have fun!  --Nancy
My Quia activities and quizzes
#1: Jobs vocabulary with pictures
Jobs and careers
#2: Jobs and Careers
Jobs and Job Duties
#3: Jobs and Descriptions
#4: Practice career words
Job Vocabulary - Career Pathways
#5: More job vocabulary
US Top 10 - Dangerous Jobs
#6: US Top 10 Most Dangerous Jobs
Subject pronouns (I/you/he/she/it/we/they)
Practice subject nouns and pronouns.
Singular - Plural Nouns and Verbs
Do / Does
Practice using do or does.
Capitals Practice
Questions and Answers
Match questions and answers
Singular and Plural Nouns
Practice singular and plural nouns.
Alphabet Pictures
Practice alphabetizing words.
Alphabet Game - (copy)
Match big and small letters of the alphabet.
Alphabet - (copy) - (copy)
Practice alphabetizing letters.
Parts of Speech
Days, months, seasons - (copy)
Practice the days, months, seasons.
Family Relationships - (copy)
Practice family words.
People - (copy)
Practice spelling people words.
house - (copy)
Practice house words.
Simple Present and Present Continuous
Present and past verbs
English Irregular Verbs
The Future with Going To
Exercise 1: Be Going To
Health Words
The Future with "Be" Going To
Exercise 2: Be Going To
Verb tenses
Quiz 3: Modals--difficult, but good practice!
My Cousin Oscar: Past/Present/Future
Quiz 1
Verbs: Future, Past or Present?
Quiz 2
Borrow vs Lend - (copy)
Practice using borrow or lend.
Asking & Giving Directions
Traffic Signs (Intermediate-Advanced)
American Holidays
Holiday and Event Guesses
Participial Adjectives
"Going to" with Norman Rockwell.
Internet Vocabulary
E-mail Vocabulary
The miniature Earth
Earth Day Words
March of the Penguins. See the trailer
State & Local Government
Elections and Voting
Cinco de Mayo
Thanksgiving vocabulary quiz
Useful links
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