esp1247 Senor Wiltz
Northside High School Spanish teacher
Buenos dias clases,

This is a pleasure to be able to communicate with you via the internet.  It is my hope that every week I will be able to update you on what will be taught and learned for the approaching week.  To the student who is going to be absent, this is a wonderful opportunity to remain on task with the work that is being taught in the class.   This affords you the opportunity to know when the exam, quizzes and assignments are due.

The week of 10/30-11/3, 2000 is a continuation of what was learned in chapter 1 (articles, nouns, adjectives and the forms of the verb SER. 

Monday's activities include: 
Review of adjectives in the pluara form  with nouns.  Exercises A, B, C, and D found on page 46  and exercise A, B, and C found on page 49  must be completed and turned in. 
Thursday's activities include:
a review of the verb SER with the subject pronouns nosotros, ellos, ellas, and ustedes.  Exerecises A- E pp. 51-52.

Quiz is scheduled for Friday.

If you have any questions, please e-mail me by 4:00 p.m. Monday-Friday.

Buena Suerte!!!!!
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