espana Senora Strattman
Pender High Spanish teacher
Welcome to the Spanish web page.     

Hoy es martes 31 de Mayo.

     Congratulations to the class of 2000!
I will miss you very much!!!!!!

     I will keep this web page up so you can use it in Spanish 2 or through college.  I have found a new page that has a lot of vocabulary and mistakes commited by english speakers.  Try it!

    May all your dreams come true.  I love you!!
My Quia activities and quizzes
Play jeopardy like in class!
ser and estar
Learn to conjugate ser and estar
Spanish 2&3 chapter 6
learn new vocab
review future tense regular forms
Spanish 2 & 3 can review future tense with flashcards and other fun games.
vocabulary chapter 4 (spanish 1)
review vocabulary
spanish 1 hangman
review basic vocabulary
Spanish 2 & 3 review future of irregular verbs
future: irregular forms
Chapter 4. Spanish 2 & 3 vocabulary
review vocabulary for chapter 4. "El hospital".
Spanish 1 Chapter 6 IR and ER verbs
IR and ER present
spanish 1 chapter 5 vocabulary
Vocab for test 5
Spanish 1 IR and ER verb Quiz
Review for the test with this quiz!
Who wants to be a spanish millionare.
play who wants to be aspanish millionare to learn the profesions
Who wants to be a spanish millionare.
for spanish 1
Espanol 1 Vocabulario
Espanol 2& 3: Chapter 3 vocabulary
Spanish 1 Vocabulary Chapter 1
vocabulary chapter 4 (spanish 1)
Spanish 1 practice quiz for chapter 3
spanish 1 chapter 5 vocabulary
Chapter 4. Spanish 2 & 3 vocabulary
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