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Essential verbs
Español 4

abrir  to open
(me) aburrir  to bore
aburrirse  to get bored
acabar   to finish, end
acabar de  to have just
acostarse (ue) to go to bed
acostumbrarse  to get used
actuar  to act
acudir a  to go to
afeitarse  to shave
almorzar (e)  to have lunch
alquilar  to rent
andar  to walk, go
apagar  to turn off
aprender  to learn
arreglar  to fix
asistir (a)  to attend
(me) asustar  to scare
ayudar  to help

bailar  to dance
bajar  to get off, go down
bañarse  to bathe
beber  to drink
buscar  to look for

caer(se)  to fall (down)
cambiar  to change
caminar  to walk
cantar  to sing
casarse  to get married
cenar  to have dinner
cerrar (ie)  to close
cocinar  to cook
comenzar (ie)  to begin
comer  to eat
comprar to buy
comprender  to understand
conducir  to drive
conocer  to know
contar (ue)  to tell a story;
                   to count
contestar to answer
correr  to run
cosechar  to harvest
costar (ue)  to cost
creer  to believe
cuidar  to take care of

dar  to give
dar a luz  to give birth
deber to owe; must, should
decir  to say, tell
dejar  to leave (a thing)
desayunarse  to have
descansar  to rest
desear  to wish
despertarse (ie)  to wake
devolver (ue) to return
dibujar  to draw
disfrutar  to enjoy
divertirse (ie) to have fun
dormir (ue) to sleep
durar to last

empezar (ie)  to begin, start
encender (ie)  to light
(me) encantat  to delight,
to enchant
encontrar (ue) to find
(me) enojar  to annoy
enojarse  to get angry
enseñar  to show; to teach
entender  (ie) to understand
enterrar (ie)  to bury
entrar  to enter
enviar  to send
escribir  to write
escuchar  to listen
esperar  to wait
esquiar  to ski
estar  to be
estar a gusto  to be
estudiar  to study
explicar to explain

(me) faltar  to lack,
felicitar  to congratulate
fumar  to smoke

ganar  to earn; to win
gastar  to spend (money)
gozar  to enjoy
guarder  to keep; to save
(me) gustar  to be pleasing
(to like)

haber  to have (with past
hablar  to speak, talk
hacer  to do, make
hacerse cargo  to take
hacerse daño  to hurt
hay  there is, there are

(me) importar  to be
insistir  to insist
(me) interesar  to interest
ir  to go
irse  to go away

jugar (ue)  to play (games)
lastimarse  to hurt oneself
lavar(se)  to wash
leer  to read
librarse  to become free
limpiar  to clean
llamar(se) to call
llegar  to arrive
llenar  to fill
llevar  to bring, carry
llorar  to cry
llover (ue) to rain

mandar  to send
maquillarse to put on
mirar  to look; to watch
(me) molestar  to bother
morir (ue)  to die
mostrar (ue) to show

nacer (zco)
nadar  to swim
necesitar  to need
nevar (ie)  to snow

obedecer  to obey
ocurriroír  to hear
odiar  to hate
olvidar(se)  to forget

pagar  to pay
pasar  to pass
patinar  to skate
pedir (i) to ask for, request
perder (ie)  to lose
permitir  to permit, allow
pertenecer  a  to belong to
pintar  to paint
poder (ue) to be able; can
poner  to put, place
ponerse + ropa   to put on
ponerse + adj  to become
(to get)
preferir (ie)  to prefer

preguntar to ask
               (a question)
prender  to turn on
prestar  to leand, loan
prohibir  to prohibit, forbid
prometer  to promise

quemar(se)  to burn
quitarse  to take off
quedarse  to stay, remain
querer  to want

reembolsar  to reimburse
regalar  to give (as a gift)
regar (ie)  to water
regresar  to come back
reír (  )  to laugh
repetir (i)  to repeat
reponder  to respond,
revisar  to check
rezar  to pray
robar  to rob
romper(se)  to break

saber  to know (facts)
sacar  to take out; to take
salir  to go out; to leave
saltar  to jump
secar(se)  to dry
seguir (i)  to follow
sembrar  to plant, sow
ser  to be
servir (i)  to serve
sonreír ( ) to smile
sorprenderse  to be
subir  to go up; get in

tardar  to be late
terminar  to finish, end
tener  to have
tener … años  to be (have)
…years old
tener calor  to be (feel)
tener frío  to be (feel)
tener ganas de to feel like
tener hambre  to be
(feel) hungry
tener lugar  to take place

tener miedo  to be (feel)
tener prisa  to be in a hurry
tener que  to have to
tener razón  to be right
no tener razón  to be wrong
tener sed  to be (feel)
tener suerte  to be lucky
terminar  to finish, end
tocar  to touch; to play
(an instrument)
tomar  to take;  to have
(something to eat
or drink)
torcer(se)  to twist
trabajar  to work
traducir  to translate
traer  to bring
tratar  to try; to treat

usar  to use

vacilar  to hesitate
valer (go)  to be worth
vender  to sell
venir  to come
ver to see
vestirse  to get dressed
viajar  to travel
visitar  to visit
vivir  to live
volar (ue)  to fly
volver (ue)  to return

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