espanol1 Senor Villanueva
Abilene High School AHS Spanish I

Study Vocabulary and notes daily.  Memorization is very important in Spanish.

Practice your new words with friends, classmates or parents.

Havin Difficulty in Spanish?  Pleas talk to me and let's set up some tutoring appointments.  Also, check out the links at the bottom of this website.

This page will give you an idea of what we plan to do every week.  It is tentative and things are subject to change.  Check daily for changes.


Senor Villanueva


1.  lunes (A) y martes (B) - noviembre 27 y 28:
-Introduce Chapter 4 Voc.
-Vocabulary quiz over chapter 4 next time.

2.  miercoles (A) y jueves (b) - noviembre 29 y 30:
-Voc. drills
-Voc. Quiz - Chapter 4
-Introduce plural of nouns and adjectives
-Introduce adjective and noun agreement (number and gender)
-Introduce -er verbs
****Grammar Quiz Next time*****

3.  viernes (A) y lunes (B) - diciembre 1 y 4:
-Grammar drill
-Grammar Quiz

***Test over chapter 4 next time****
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