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East Stroudsburg Area School District Spanish 1 Teacher
My Quia activities and quizzes
Previous Chapters
Hangman with vocab from Chapters 1-4
Verbos "er" y "ir"
Game with "er" and "ir" verbs
The stories of a building.
The stories/floors of a building
Vocabulario-Capítulo 5
Vocab from Chapter 5
Hangman - Vocabulario - Capítulo 5
Hangman with Vocab from Chapter 5
Mini quiz to test your skills!
Los Números
Numbers spelled out in Spanish. Can you put them in order from highest to lowest?
Los Meses(months)
Put the months of the year in order.
Vocabulario - Food
Quiz on food!
Vocabulario para Capítulo 6
Vocab for Chapter #6, around the house, birthdays, etc...
I have to study!
Activity on "Tener que"
Una mezcla de todo!
A mix of everything!
Family & ages.
List Adolfo's family members in order from youngest to oldest.
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