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San Diego State University Español 102; Secciones 03 y 04
Estimados Estudiantes,              10 de abril 2001
Hola a todos,
¿Cómo estaís? Make sure you take the quiz for Chapter 10, hit session and you will automatically go. You may take the practice quiz as many times as you need but you can only take the quiz one time. There are also games for the vocabulary. OJO remember all of you homework for tomorrow, corrected for full credit and the diarios in the blue books. Hasta manana. Y Buena Suerte.
My Quia activities and quizzes
Capitulo 8, verbos
Pretérito e Imperfecto practice quiz
Prueba del Capitulo 10: Pretérito e Imperfecto: session quiz cap. 10
Prueba del Subjuntivo e Indicativo: session prueba capítulo 12: el subjuntivo e indicativo
Prueba del Subjuntivo e Indicativo
El cuerpo y la salud
Vocabulary Game
Useful links
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