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To My Favorite Students Ever,

Well, here we are, on the home stretch!  At this point you should all be finishing up your short stories in the lab.  If you know that you won't finish by this Thursday, then you need to get in there at lunch sometime to finish.  Everyone will get a book cover and bind their book on Thursday in class.  If you are drawing your own illustrations, go ahead and draw them on each page right above the text.

You should also be finishing up the sheet labeled "Responses" on The Outsiders.  This sheet is the one with quotes from nearly every chapter on which you should find the speaker,the page number, and then interpret what the speaker, or character, meant by those words.  I will select maybe 5 to 7 of those quotes for the final.  Remember, you will not be able to use your books for the final.

Speaking of which, on the assigned day of your final you must return your purple literature book, your copy of The Outsiders, and any other books you might have checked out from any of my book shelves.  It is very important that you return all of these; without any of the books you will not receive your report card or your yearbook.

Now for the good stuff . . . yep, the final.  The final is going to be difficult, so don't be surprised.  Study!  It will cover everything that we studied this semester, which includes the following:
short stories
literary techniques
the elements of a story
The Outsiders
public speaking
parts of speech
S.E. Hinton
persuasive writing (from speeches)

The easiest way to study would be to get together with a friend and verbalize all of your knowledge gained this semester on each of these topics.  Between two of you, you should discover the areas you need to cover in more depth. 
Refer to you pink punctuation packet in order to prepare for the punctuation section.  For the parts of speech section, practice by playing the mad libs located on my favorite links, and be able to give an example of each part of speech in a sentence.  For the short story, section be able to identify the main characters, setting, conflict, theme, and plot of each short story we read as a class.  Review the short story you selected to read with just a few individuals in the class also.  (First period, that would be Rip Van Winkle for you.)  Review the communication process and the main parts of giving a speech.  Be sure to read completely, and finish The Outsiders.

For more assistance, try out the links listed below for help with homonyms (this will help you with the spelling section of the test) and the parts of speech.

If you have any other questions, you can email me.  Good Luck studying!

Miss Estrada
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