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We are middle school teachers in Seoul Korea trying to teach English(TEFL) through computers. We started this page in March, 2000, as a site for our school students and TEFL and CALL- COMPUTER ASSISTED LANGUAGE LEARNING- teachers. Since that time, it has developed to become our most useful teaching tool. Students have downloaded materials and and used the sites links below; teachers nationwide have used our lesson plans and teaching materials in their own classrooms. This year we are sponsored by the Korean Ministry of Education for developing multi-media teaching method. We are using a computer and a 42 inch monitor at each class. We use a lot of pictures and sounds at class downloded from the sites below. These sites will be good for kids also. All rights on this homepage are free. Feel free to copy & paste this search code into your own web page. If you want to use free web page in English, search the sites below with "free webpage." They will bring you to the world-wide netizens. If you want to share teaching ideas and good sites for English teaching, please feel free to send us an e-mail.
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