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¡Bienvenidos a la clase de español!

El lunes, el 27 de noviembre:

 Report on Ecuador by Dusty and Zach
  Begin Open Book Test 7

El martes, el 28 de noviembre:

 Report on Peru by Patrick
  Report on Mexico by Whitney and Emily
  Continue Open Book Test 7

El miércoles, el 29 de noviembre:

 Report on Guatamala by James
  Report on Panama by Cortney
  Finish Open Book Test 7

El jueves, el 16 de noviembre

 Report on Spain by Chris Newby
  Report on Colombia by Matt
  Begin Unit Test 7

El viernes, el 17 de noviembre:

 Report on Cuba by Stewart
  Report on Venezuela by Seth
  Finish Unit Test 7


If you go to the "useful links" section, it will take you to an on-line tutorial at a website called ""  Read the lesson, do the practice exercises and the test.  Then send them to my e-mail address (  I will look at them and give you extra credit for doing them.
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Useful links
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