everything I dont have any students
  loves music
Hello eveybody!!
This is Louise Clarke and i love music, singing and hanging out with my friends. I have to give a BIG shout out 2 TALAC, this is their claim 2 fame.
At the moment, im into r`n`b, hip hop and rap musik.I hate pop and rock, i think its sooooo corny and rubbish frankly. I fancy the rock which is a famous and handsome wrestler in the WWF and he is da bomb!!
What else do i wannna say?uuummmmmm im thinking! Oh yeah, i wanna give a big shout out 2 my mum and dad who i love very much, all my family including u samara and my aunties and ALL my much loved cousins. I want to say thank u 2 everybody who has helped me out during the past 6 months or so because as you all know it has been stressful but im over that now. In particular again thanx 2 TALAC- thats Thiviya, Amra,me, Aishah and Catherine.
Anything else u wanna know?
im not gonna tellu my age, address or anything like that sooooo dont even ask but id love u all 2 write and e-mail me as my fans.
Okay, u can tell, im running out of stuff 2 say so im gonn go now.
Stop crying, u can log onto this page whenever u like as 4 me well goodbye!!!!!
Love all of ya loads
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