Today you will start your annual Macrodura Excel budgets. You will be given a purchasing form containing prices for different items. Per the sheet at your computer, you must fund your consultant department's:

  1. office supplies
    • paper
    • paper clips, staples, etc.
    • pens and pencils
  2. travel
    • transportation
    • lodging
    • food
  3. technology
    • upgrades
    • disks and other media
    • upkeep & repair
  4. morale incentives
    • coffee & donuts, as applicable
    • office parties
    • gym memberships, if applicable
    • "perks"

You will design an ExCel workbook that shows not only the individual expenses, but also accounts for changes in your personnel arrangements with different formulas in the totals. After this document is complete, I will be supplying the changes that will need to be handled in your spreadsheet.

Good Luck!

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