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  English Extra Credit

Listed below are a number of CREATIVE WRITING IDEAS  You may use them  for any 9A short stories read in class. Additionally, if you have recently read a novel, and would like to use it instead, just let me know.

LENGTH: 250 wds, typed, double-spaced.
DUE: Friday, 12 January 2001

1 If you were asked to create the cover for the selection you have chosen, what  would it look like and why? Remember, covers are meant to portray the  mood, subject matter, and characters/settings.
2. Explain the sense of responsibility that one character feels for another.
3. Explain why one particular character has trouble reaching his/her goals.
4. Show the help that a character's family gave him/her -- or the   hindrance they became.
5. Discuss a controlling metaphor that exists throughout a selection.
6. Do any of the characters seem similar to someone you know? Explain how.
7. What other historical figure comes to mind when you think of a certain character?
8. Find a character who has a poor self-concept and help him/her improve that image.
9. How has the reading of this selection changed your life- or at least made you think about the type of person you are?
10. Draw an important conclusion about an event or a character and then explain how you arrived there.
11. Explain clearly, and with examples, why a difficult selection was so difficult for you.
12. What if the setting of this selection were changed? Experiment with a few possibilities.
13. Add a new character to the selection that would drastically change the life of the main character in some way. Explain the outcome.
14. Discuss an event that, if it had not occurred, would have changed the ending. Suggest what the new ending would be.
15. Describe the setting and suggest whether or not you, your family, and your friends would be happy living there.
16. Write a dialogue between two characters in the selection who never actually converse. Explain why you wrote what you did.
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