expect Mr. Libby
MVHS Biology instructor
I.  Course Description
In this course you will learn about the natural world and the organisms that living in it. 
It is up to you to make the most of your time here.  I will provide you with the framework
you need to get the most of this class but it is up to you to build on this framework.  Only you
and learn.

II.  Grading
A+ = 99-100 A = 95-98 A- = 93-94
B+ = 91-92 B = 87-90 B- = 85-86
C+ = 83-84 C = 79-82 C- = 77-78
  D+ = 75-76 D = 72-74 D- = 70-71
F = below a 70

     Grade Weights and Scoring
All graded assessments will be worth a set amount of points.  The total points will be
tallied and a percent grade will be determined from this total.
Point Values
Tests     100 points (15 for essay; 85 for main test)
Projects     100 points
Lab Reports     75 points
Lab Worksheets             25 points
Quizzes             50 points
Workpackets     25 points
Tests: A test will be given every TWO chapters.  All tests will be announced and the
student is expected to be prepared to do his or her best.  There will be two parts for each
test.  An essay question will be given the class before the test, which will be due the day
of the test.
Projects:  A project will be assigned each quarter. 
Lab reports:  A formal lab report will be written each quarter.
Lab worksheets:  All labs will have a worksheet with questions that must be completed.
The lab worksheets will be scored based on the accuracy of you answers.  Labs will be
scored based on a 4 point rubric.
Points      % worth Description
   4      100 The lab is well done, complete and accurate. All
answers are correct.
   3       80 The lab is complete but there are a few errors.
Looks as if real effort was made to complete lab.
   2       60 The lab is incomplete and poorly done or has many
   1       40 Work submitted (at least 60% complete)
An additional lab score will be recorded each quarter that reflects student participation.
Quizzes: Quizzes may be announced or unannounced and generally will cover the most
recent reading assignments, class notes, or other presentations. I will drop the lowest quiz
Workpackets:  Workpackets are given every 2 chapters.  The typical workpacket will
contain the study guide for the test, textbook assignments, and worksheets.  Each
workpacket will given a due date at which time it will be checked.  Workpackets will be
scored based on effort.  This means a complete workpacket that shows effort will receive
maximum points. 

III.     Notebooks & Textbook.

Each student is expected to have and maintain a notebook for class notes and handouts.
The notebook will be check periodically and will receive a pass/fail grade.
The textbook is an essential part of the course.  The book is to be covered at all times.  If
it is uncovered you will be issued a detention.
Textbook, notebook, and a writing implement are required for each class.  Failure to
arrive with these necessary materials will result in a detention.  You will not be allowed to go to
your locker for forgotten materials.

IV.     Class Participation

Knowledge acquired but not used is of little value.  It is important for each student to
participate in class.  Student participation will be taken into account when determining a
students overall grade.

V.     Extra Credit

Extra credit is given only if all other work is complete and up to date.  Extra credit CAN
NOT be used to replace work that was not done.  Extra credit is graded separately based on its
own merits.  Commonly 1-15 points will be added to the students lowest test score.   No more
then 2 extra credit projects may done each quarter.
Examples of extra credit projects include: lab project,  research project,  a informative
poster or model.

VI.     Classroom Management and Student Behavior

See attached sheet for class rules.
From time to time the instructor may find it necessary to assign a student a detention.
The student will be expected the serve the detention the following day.  Detainable offenses
include but are not limited to the following:  not following class rules, coming to class without
necessary materials, unprepared for class (i.e. no homework), and inappropriate behavior.
I will usually give you a verbal warning.  If I call upon you again for disregarding class
rules you will receive a detention.

VII.     Lab Safety
See attached safety handout and contract.
1.  The student is expected to understand and follow all safety instructions.
2.  The student is expected to use common sense and conduct him or herself in a  
     controlled manner at all times
3.  The student is expected to be familiar with all safety information on the attached
     handout and any special precautions associated with a particular activity.
4.  The student is expected to read and sign the accompanying Safety Contract.
5.  Safety infractions
a.  Minor infractions will be handled with as follows.
1st infraction:  a verbal warning
2nd infraction:  a detention
3rd infraction and all subsequent infractions:  a detention, a zero for the
   lab, and a call to the parent or guardian.

VIII.     Extra Help
The instructor will be available for help from 2:25 - 3:15 PM Monday - Friday unless
school meetings supersede that time.  Additional times may be made by prior arrangements.  I
also have an email account which may be used to answer questions or the clarify information.
The email address is libbymvhs@yahoo.com.   I will check this nightly.  I encourage you to
make use of this tool.

IX.    Missed Work and Makeup
Missed work
As stated in the student handbook.  Students are to see their teacher the NEXT day they
return to school.  NOT the next class day.  Make-up time is one day per day absent.
Tests: A student who is absent on the day of the test will take the test the next class day
so prepare accordingly.
Labs:  If you are absent on the day of a lab you have 2 days in which to make it up
otherwise a 0 will be scored for any missed labs.

X.    Late work and Cheating
Late work 
Workpackets:  I will allow ONE late workpacket per quarter.  It must be passed in the
next school day (NOT CLASS).  If it is turned in the next day or you have already used
your one missed packet then a 0 will be scored.
Projects and Lab reports.  If turned in the next school day (NOT CLASS) they will
receive  a 20% point penalty.  Work later then one day will not be accepted.

Cheating is not tolerated in this class.  Cheating is defined as copying homework and
labs, copying other students test answers, bring improper items to a test or quiz.  Anyone
caught cheating will receive a 0 on the work, parental notification, a teacher detention,
and the offense will be reported to the office for further punishment.

XI.     Other

Dissection Folder / Biology Portfolio
Each student will be required to hand in a dissection folder.  This folder will include
handouts, drawings, and worksheets based on the dissections.  I will go over this in detail when
the time comes.  This folder will be checked periodically and will count a large portion of the
course grade.

Web Page Assistance
I have a web page that you may visit for course syllabi, helpful information, extra credit
web links, and practice quizzes and tests.
The address is:  www.quia.com/pages/mvhsbiology.html

Restroom and Pass Policy
You are expected to use the restroom prior to coming to class.  You are granted 3
restroom breaks a quarter (unless a medical condition takes precedent).  You need to sign out
and check your name off the list.  You must get the pass from me. 
Failure to sign in/out, use a pass, or receive permission will result in the lose of all pass

You are expected to be in your seats when the bell sounds.  Anyone entering the room
after the bell sounds will receive a tardy.  You are allowed 3 tardies a quarter.  Every tardy after
the third will result in a detention.
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