exploreoceans Miss Hermes
We are going to dive into a new unit on OCEANS!!
This exciting unit will cover many aspects of the four oceans and marine life!  I hope you enjoy it!

The following is a list of lessons and activities we will engage in during our Ocean Unit.  

Art - Cheerio Starfish

Creative - Edible Octopus

Music - Under the Sea
Motor Development - Ocean Job Dress-up

Language Arts - Ship's Log (journal writing)

Social Studies - Ocean Classroom (decorating the classroom)
              - Where in the World? (mapping)
              - Ocean floor mapping
              - Ocean Professions

Science - Ocean Layers
       - Water Cycle
       - Favorite Fish
       - Ocean Waves
       - Survival Schools (schools of fish)

Math - Sorting and classifying seashells
    - Underwater Measurement
    - Serving up Seafood (money)
    - Jewel Fish

*We will also get a chance to play some fun ocean games!
    - Measuring an Albatross
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