Explorers Project 

You will be researching two different explorers using books and the websites listed below.  After you complete your research, you will create a "baseball card" poster for each explorer.

The baseball card must include:

1. Picture of explorer  (You can find these using a "google" image search)
2. Country sailed for
3. Area / Country explored
4. Date(s) of exploration
5. Reason(s) for exploration
6. Important discoveries

We also have some short video clips on file for you to watch for many of the explorers.  To access the clips, follow these steps:
1) On the "start" menu, click "my computer"
2) Click "applications on 'bmfs2'"
3) Click "shared 2013"
4) Click "explorer movie clips"
5) Watch the clip "for ALL to watch", and the clips on the explorers you are researching

Each baseball card poster should be about the size of 1/2 piece of oaktag.  We will supply the paper and supplies to decorate your poster; if you wish to bring in more supplies from home to use in class, you may do so.

A group member may handwrite the information on the poster if he/she has neat handwriting; otherwise, information should be typed using Microsoft Word, cut out, and glued to your poster (presentation/neatness counts!).   

This assignment will be graded as a quiz.  You and your partner(s) will receive the same grade - leaders need to make sure the work is split up evenly and that everyone is accomplishing their tasks.  See a teacher if your group is having difficulty.

Your baseball card will be graded based on the following criteria:
- Accuracy of Information (most important part of project!)
- Neatness
- Creativity

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