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Hello Parents/Guardians!
Just wanted to let parents/guardians know that I will be sending home the Parent/Guardian Bulletin for our Great Body Shop unit "The Reproductive System." All students who scored a 70% or lower on the "Keep this Body Safe" unit test will have the opportunity to retake it after they complete their Stress unit test. I will also be sending home mid-term reports. Please ask your children for the Parent Bulletin and mid-term report.  


I just updated this page with a study games for our Stress and What It Does to Our Bodies unit. Let me know if you enjoy studying with these activities.  

If you visit this site and find it helpful, please let me know.

Have fun!!

Ms. Bell
My Quia activities and quizzes
Keep This Body Safe!!
This game will help you study for our Keep this Body Safe unit test.
Stress and You
This game will help you to study for our upcoming stress unit test.
Stress Vocabulary
This game will help you learn the vocabulary for our upcoming stress unit test.
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