expo Mr. Sweeney
Tuscola Community High School English instructor
Welcome to Expostion.  The following is the Expo Syllabus and the assignments, journal entries and lectures.
                    EXPO  2001-2002

Emphasis of the course is to prepare students for successful writing.  Areas of emphasis include working on ideas for developing papers, grammar, punctuation, revision of  material, work on a research paper, improvement of vocabulary, study skills and independent outside work . 

REQUIRED MATERIALS: blue or black pen
                    folder and notebook

RECOMMENDED MATERIALS: Standard English Pocket Dictionary
Pocket Thesaurus

READING MATERIALS: Writing Clear Essays
12 Easy Steps to Successful Research Papers

90-80-70-60 Scale

compare and contrast
cause and effect
persuasive essay
process paper
research paper (required for passing and counts for semester exam)

WRITTEN WORK:  No late work will be accepted.  Papers will be typed and double-spaced.  All papers must have a proper heading and title.

JOURNALS: Journals are to be kept in class on a daily basis and will count for a grade.

VOCAB QUIZZES: Vocab will be given weekly, and you will be expected to use some of the words in your daily writing.  Quizzes will be given every Friday.

Expo Assignments (11/09- 12/3)

Nov. 9th- collect topics for research papers; finish meeting with students

Mon. Nov. 12th- process paper lecture; final drafts due Mon. Nov. 19th; 

Tues. Nov. 13th- work on process papers; discuss research papers as needed

Wed. Nov. 14th- classtime to work on bibliographies (due Thurs.)

Thurs. Nov. 15th- collect bibliographies; help students with initial outlines and thesis

Fri. Nov. 16th- hand back bibliographies;  collect outlines and thesis; work on notecards in class- one due at the end of class (will count as 1 of the 5 due mon)

Mon. Nov. 19th- collect notecards (will be graded and handed back by Tues.); collect process paper

Tues. Nov. 20th- notecards with comments handed back; classtime to work
on notes; 25 due on Mon. Nov. 26th

Wed. Nov. 21st- classtime to work on notecards

Mon. Nov. 26th- collect 25 notecards at beginning of class for grade; return papers to students

Tues. Nov. 27th- Fri. Nov. 29th- classtime to work on notecards; check each day on student progress- should complete about 10 per day; vary sources and topics; 25 cards due at beginning of class on Fri. Nov. 29th

Mon. Dec. 3rd- 45 notecards due;  meetings with students on Mon- Wed 5th on paper’s progress; final outline due Thurs. Dec. 6th- rough draft due Dec. 12th;

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