extremeisland Ms. Ott
North Whidbey Middle School  
For the past few weeks you have been studying some basic Geography terms and concepts, and it is now time to put this knowledge to the test.

1.)Key Geographical Terms:
Lake                   Mountains              Inlet
River                  Island                 Plateau
Gulf                   Plain                  Strait
Peninsula              Tributary              Canal
Isthmus                Delta                  Archipelago
Cape                   Bay                    Hemisphere
Longitude              Latitude               Ocean
Continent              Equator                Landforms
Desert                 Channel                Sea
Sound                  River Mouth            River Source

2.) Construction of Your Island

On a white sheet of construction paper draw the outline of an imaginary island.

Your island must include the following with correct labels for each:
peninsula     bay       gulf        delta    
plain         plateau   mountains   rivers and tributaries
river mouth   river source

3.) Make a key for your map that shows the symbols, or colors used.

4.) Be sure that your map includes the longitude and latitude coordinates of your island.
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