f7healthzone Sarah
Al Ain Women's College Foundations Instructor
Dear Health Science students,
Are you TIRED of studying?
Does learning vocabulary give you a headache?
Are you FRUSTRATED because you never remember all the new words?

WELCOME to the Health Science Zone; the answer to your problems.
Enter this zone to practice new vocabulary and find out more about the exciting world of science; Health Science in particular. Why not find out more about yourself and your world! Test your knowledge of science and English without pain or tears.

Just scroll down and click on the hyperlink to try out the activities.

New this week is the "Bodywise Quiz", and the "Healthy Student" Synonym-Seeker game.

Relax, enjoy yourselves... and learn.

My Quia activities and quizzes
The Body Quiz
Test your knowledge of your own body here.
Healthy Students: Synonym-seeker
Revize health-related vocabulary here.
Useful links
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