fairytales Pam Snyder, Carolyn Mckenzie, and Lesley Fulton
Andrews Elementary School  
Topic:  Fairy Tales

Compare and contrast fairy tales from diverse cultures.

Grade Level:  1 & 2

This fairy tale unit is based on the South Carolina State Standards and integrates language arts, math, social sciences, physical education, technology, and the arts.

S. C. Standards:

Language Arts: (grades 1 & 2)
Left to right progression; matching spoken word with printed word; listening; following directions; beginning and ending sounds; prediction; compare/contrast; story elements; main idea/detail; beginning, middle, end; fantasy/reality; locate information; sequencing

Mathematics: (grades 1 & 2)
Numeration; counting patterns; number words; ordinal numbers; sorting & classifying; number relationships; place value; patterning

Appropriate Software:
KidsPix:  related activities, retelling stories
Mixed Up Mother Goose:  following directions, story interaction
Storybook Weaver:  creating stories
Microsoft Word:  creating stories
Inspiration:  comparing/contrasting, webbing activities
PowerPoint:  unit introduction, vocabulary skills
Number Maze:  patterning, numeration, basic skills
Millie's Math House:  patterning, numeration, basic skills
Timeline:  sequencing stories

Classroom Management:
Teacher- and Student-Directed learning activities (center activities, cooperative groups, individual instruction)
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