fallon Mrs. Fallon
Oakwood Primary Center First Grade
We have learned to spell many words. Can you spell them all?

Our Spelling Words:

can       fan       man       pan       ran       van

bat       cat       hat       mat       pat       sat

bad       dad       had       mad       sad       add

bet       get       let       met       net       pet

bill          fill          hill          pill          will

bike          like          hike          bake          cake

who           what          when          where          why

Some Great Books to Read:

By Yourself:

One Fish, Two Fish      - Dr. Suess

The Teacher From the Black Lagoon    - Mike Thaler

Chicken Soup with Rice   - Maurice Sendak

Bedtime Stories:

Time For Bed   - Mem Fox

Goodnight Gorilla  - Peggy Rathmann

If You Were My Bunny  - Kate McMullan

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What do you know about Tasha Tudor? I bet you know more than you think! Write a story about Tasha Tudor for author sharing.
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