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Pan American School of Porto Alegre Grade 4
Email addresses of the class:

If your email address is incorrect, please email me at for the correct address.

Use a search engine (,,, etc.) to run a search on your own name (first and last if you can; only first or only last if nothing comes up.)  Find an interesting web page with your name in the title and email me the excerpt.    

For instance, I ran a search on Sandra Lee and came up with many sites! (843 to be exact)

Here's what I would email to Ms. Lee:

Correspondents - on Farmnews
Correspondents Jim Webster Sandra Lee Wayne Hutchinson John Maddock John Maddock John Maddock is a Tasmanian farmer who quit milking cows many years ago. He now runs a few beef cattle and leases some of his ...
Relevance: 56%  Date: 15 Feb 2000,  Size 7.9K,

Brain award goes to the funniest site!
Good luck!
Ms. Lee
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