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Hello to my wonderful reading group!  I hope you are liking Little House on the Praire as much as I am!  I read a few of Laura Ingalls Wilder's books when I was your age, and I loved them!

Here is a look at our schedule for the week of
May 4th-May9th...

For Thursday, May 4th:
 Make a prediction and read chapter 12.  You will have a vocabulary test today, so make sure you have studied!!! Use the worksheets that I gave you to help you study. And you will have to have your point of view worksheet checked, so get that done. It shouldn't take too long. Also, all stories (Learning to Look and Creative Writing Story) are due, so that Miss. Fisher and I can make the book for you!!!

For Tuesday, May 9th:
 This will be our last day together (it's so sad!!!)
Today we will be having a test on the book, up to the point that we are at in the book (ch 1-12). If you have read the chapters, you will have no trouble, so don't worry. Its very short and not difficult, unless you did not read chapters 1-12.

To my Buddy, Brandon-  I looked all over and did not find the Creative writing Story. Maybe it is in your desk somewhere. If it isnt, just use your floopy disk to print out a copy and give it to me on Thursday.  The only other suggestion that I can give you is to look in Mrs. Smith's room for a folder labeled "Learning to Look", and it could possibly be in there.

I just want to congratulate you on all of your hard work, and you all did a GREAT job with the debate between the Ingalls and the Indians!!!          :)

 Please keep up with the readings and most important, enjoy the book!
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