Low Intermediate ESL-Room 3
Fremont Adult School Teacher

Hello and welcome to Room 3
Teacher: Susan Nettinga  
Instructional Aide: Ellen Chavez

I'm sure learning English is a BIG GOAL.
To help you achieve that goal, make a resolution to:
       come more often
       come on time, stay to the end of the class
       do the homework more often
       participate in class as much as possible
       use English as often as possible everywhere you go (even at home!)
       take advantage of all the ESL lessons on this and other web pages
       communicate your feelings and needs to the teacher
       set personal, daily learning goals for your time in class.
If you can succeed in some of these goals, your English WILL IMPROVE!

Maybe you will find some free time during the break to study English.  Don't forget that there are lots of online activities in the Useful Links section below that will give you lots of practice.

We hope you will enjoy your time in Room 3 and learn lots of English.  What are your learning goals for this quarter?  You will have the chance to practice listening, speaking, reading, writing and grammar. Please tell the teacher about specific skills or topics that are important to you!

****Attendance Policy!!!!
   If you can not come to class 80% of the time, you may have to drop the class.  Regular attendance is very important, especially when we begin our EL Civics lessons.  You need to be here every day to really learn and do well on the tests.

Please check this webpage often.  I will try to add links for you that will offer fun and challenging English language activities for you to do anytime!

Best wishes,

FREE GRAMMAR & LISTENING ACTIVITIES.  Click the Useful Links below to find many grammar activities.  There are also listening activities and Government/Citizenship activities.
You can do these activities from home anytime you like.
My Quia activities and quizzes
Tell A Little About Yourself
Share some of your interests and goals.
Room 3 Student Orientation Quiz
New students only: take this test after you read the blue Student Orientation packet
Meet the Teacher quiz
Take this quiz to see how much you know about the teacher.
Useful links
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