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Click on the "Click Here" link below for YOUR class period (i.e., 3rd or 6th) to take the online quiz over the Aquinas reading I gave you in class today.  Remember that if your name does not appear in your class list when I check for grades, you will not get credit.

NOTE: When taking the quiz, DO NOT hit "Enter" to submit your answers.  Click on the "Submit" button.  Also, spelling DOES matter!  In the future, multiple quiz takings will be deleted.  Your first attempt will be the one that is taken for a grade.


1.  Don't forget about the second Terms Test next Wednesday.  This will cover the last 46 terms (starting right after "dualistic interactionism").

2.  Your first group presentation over the selected articles is due Monday, August 27th.  THAT'S THIS COMING MONDAY.
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