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If you were absent (Ismael) and haven't taken the quiz, you need to click on the link below that says "Click Here" for YOUR class.  Do not hit "Enter" to submit your answers.  Instead, click on "Submit."

NOTE: If your name doesn't appear under your class listing when I go to check grades, you will NOT receive credit.  Also, from now on your first attempt will be the one that is taken for a grade.  Multiple quiz takings will be deleted.  This includes hitting "Enter" instead of "Submit."


1.  For Monday (Ismael), you need to e-mail me a response to the following questions:

"Have you ever had an experience with someone in a cult?  If so, what was it like?  If not, what would you do/say if you did?"

2.  You will have a test on Wednesday over the sociological characteristics of cults and brainwashing.

3.  I will probably post a quiz next week.
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