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Fielder Elementary  
Fifth Grade
Mission: In fifth grade, we will prepare our students for a smooth transition to junior high by encouraging them to be responsible and independent learners


It’s hard to believe, but our fifth graders are already getting ready for Junior High!  Counselors from  the Junior High  have visited Fielder to talk to the students about the elective and academic classes they may take next year, and the students have made their choices.  Fifth grade students are really getting excited - and nervous!  Although their thoughts are turning forward, their minds are still working hard here at Fielder in our fifth grade hall.  Our DARE  program is winding up, thanks to Officer Don Schrum. The students have been discussing peer pressures, media pressures, and learning about responsibility by tackling the extra chores at home for their  D.A.R.E. homework.  They are always anxious to receive the D.A.R.E. stickers for their excellent work.  Our Golden Falcons are also very busy preparing for the April 7  performance in San Antonio.

The fifth six weeks in science has kept us flying high!  Aeronautics has introduced a new curriculum to the students that has added new words such as ailerons, fuselage, and empennage to their vocabulary.  Future pilots are a definite possibility! Our last six weeks will find us setting our sites on space.  Studying the moon, making and launching our own rockets, investigating foods, clothing and life in the state of weightlessness are certain highlights for the year.  The students are very excited about our upcoming field trip to Space Center Houston in May.   What a perfect closure for our space unit!

In math classes students  have learned many geometry skills and are now using the customary units of length, width and capacity to measure the many objects in the various measurement centers.  Problem solving will continue to be emphasized as we review test taking skills in preparation for the TAAS test which will be administered on April 24.  It is important that students continue to copy and complete all homework assignments as this is a vital part of the learning process.     

In social studies, the students have been studying the Civil War, a time when Americans fought Americans within the borders of the United States.  They learned that the causes of war went beyond the issue of slavery and that it was the preservation of the Union and democracy that the North fought to uphold. From the words of Abraham Lincoln in his Gettysburg Address, “..... that government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from the earth.”  The children were able to experience the lives of soldiers and their families on both sides of the war. Civil rights and putting the Union back together after war were objectives of Lincoln’s plan for Reconstruction. During our final six weeks,  the students will study the expansion of the United States through statehood, immigration and new technology.  In addition, the students will study World War I, the Great Depression, and complete the year with World War II and the Civil Rights movement.

Fielder fifth graders are springing into reading with two new historical fiction novels.  Some classes will read and study The Watsons Go to Birmingham - 1963 by Christopher Paul Curtis, and others will read Number the Stars by Lois Lowry. Both novels are multiple award winners centered around critical time periods in history. Ask your child which novel he or she is reading in class?

Language arts students are also tackling the TAAS by practicing reading strategies and test taking strategies to insure success for all. Two important dates to note are April 24th and 25th, as they are the actual TAAS test days. With skills, confidence, and stamina, student test results are sure to be outstanding.

Journal assignments are going extremely well. Students are producing massive amounts of writing and exploring a variety of subjects and ideas. Journals are an excellent way for young writers to increase writing fluency and experiment with language. Please continue to encourage your child to stay on top of the journal assignment because it does require some time and planning.  In addition to journals, formal writing instruction continues as students use the novels as a springboard for writing ideas. Poetry will be the focus of the last weeks of school as we explore more aspects of the English language and incorporate some of these wonderful writings into our fifth grade anthologies. 

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