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Fielder Elementary  
Curriculum Areas
• Reading -  We will be reading a variety of stories this six weeks.  Some of those stories  are:  Bremen Town Musicians, Our Soccer League, The  Wednesday Surprise, Charlie Anderson and  Fernando's Gift.  We are continuing to work on summarizing, reading with expression, story comprehension and many other skills.  Thanks for all of your hard work at home!  We could not do it without your help!

•  Language - We are learning the proper way to address an envelope and we are continuing to work on skills previously learned such as writing complete sentences and  using the different parts of speech.

•  Math - Length, perimeter and area are some of the things that we are working on in math.  We are also learning about symmetry, solid and plane figures.  Please continue to practice math facts at home.  We take a fast facts test each Friday.  These grades are averaged together at the end of the six weeks for one grade.  The students are doing a great job of learning those facts!  Keep up the good work!!

•  Science - We have some new visitors in some of the second grade classrooms.  Each class has a set of tadpoles.  Some tadpoles are progressing a little faster than others. This is to prepare us for our unit on Food Chains/Habitats/Plants.

•  Social Studies -  We are currently studying Texas and all of the special things that are unique to Texas.  We know what the state flower, tree, bird, gemstone, song and many other things are.  Ask your second grader about what they know about Texas.

Special Activities
We will be taking the OLSAT and SAT9 test in early March.  Don't forget our Spring Break is March 12-16!!
Thank you for calling Voice Mail every Monday!  We are glad that so many of you are keeping in touch with us in this way.  Communication is such a big part of the home/school team!
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