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4th Grade Newsletter  5th 6 Weeks

We’d like to start off thanking all the moms who put in countless hours helping out with the musical performance this past month.  We could not have done it without their dedication and hard work.   We applaud all of you and are indebted to you all.

In Reading this six weeks, students have read a variety of genre, including tall tales, biographies, historical fiction and fiction.  They have discussed some of tis reading while working in literature circles.  The children have also been practicing the TAAS reading objectives in preparation for the upcoming TAAS reading test in April.

Language has had the children seeing colors--multi-sensory colors that is!!!  The children are taught to color code parts of speech.  We recently covered adverbs and their usage in sentences.  Now that all parts of speech have been discussed they are coding them in sentences.  The children are still working on writing skills and ways to spruce up their writing.

Texas is a Republic--no--Texas is a state--no--Texas is a Confederate state!!!!!  The children have been studying all the different stages that Texas has passed through over the years in its fight for independence.  We are currently finishing the study of the Civil War.  The children have really enjoyed studying about this part of Texas’ history.

Fourth graders have been working hard learning about fractions and decimals during this six weeks.  They have learned to identify models of fractions and decimals as well as compare, order, and investigate equivalents.  Some have already started skills in geometry such as indentifying plain and solid geometric shapes and finding perimeter and area of plain geometric shapes.  We are preparing for the upcoming math TAAS test so our fourth graders will continue Fielder’s tradition of exemplary performance.

We have had an exciting six weeks in science!  We studied the Circulatory System where students found out how the heart pumps blood throughout the body, what makes up the blood, and how the Circulatory System works with other body systems to do its job.  Our students are also studying what animals need for survival, and their role in their environment.  They are researching an  animal of their choice and are making some very unique and creative models of their subject.  They are discovering fascinating facts and information about their animal and will be presenting it to the class. 
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